Wife tells of devastating loss of ‘soulmate’ she married before he died aged 35

A heartbroken wife has told how she is struggling to cope with the loss of her “soulmate” who she married after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has now died aged 35.

Michael Murray, from Wilnecote, Tamworth, was told in April that he had stage four pancreatic cancer which had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

He and his partner Jade, parents of Ethan, six and Lana, three, quickly moved their wedding forward so they could exchange vows on May 5, reports Birmingham Live.

Michael sadly passed away on May 21.

Jade told Birmingham Live: “Michael wasn’t just my husband and life partner, he was my soulmate and best friend and marrying him made me the happiest woman alive.

“It is amazing when you find someone with the exact same humour as you and you both spend the whole day laughing at everything you both say.

“My husband was such a wonderful man, he had the ability to light up the room with his presence, his smile was so infectious, he always had a positive outlook on life, he was well-mannered, polite but always quick with a witty yet funny remark.

“It was as though his main purpose in life was to entertain, he was forever acting a clown and would have me in stitches daily.

“You could guarantee a lifetime of laughter with Michael as your friend. Not only was he a wonderful husband but a wonderful father, son, brother, grandson, friend colleague and so much more.”

Jade spoke of the shock when when they found out that Michael had terminal cancer and was given such a short time to live.

“When he was diagnosed with cancer on April 8, our whole world came crashing down. I thought how has this happened, not my Michael, he deserved an eternity on this planet, how could our children be without a daddy?” she said.

“My outlook on life changed from that moment, nothing else mattered to me than our family.

“From the day he was diagnosed right until the end all he showed was courage, dignity and positivity. Michael was an inspiration.

“His only priority was me and the kids even when he was ill, so selfless, there is no one like him and I am so blessed to have spent the last part of his life with him, making memories and knowing truly what love is.”

And in an emotional tribute to him, Jade said the pain of his loss will not heal.

She said: “Michael my beloved husband, it’s still hard for me to accept you have gone, everyday I wake up and look over to the empty space where you used to lie, I no longer feel safe without you by my side, I come downstairs to see your photos on the living room wall and the pain feels unbearable, I feel lost and alone.

“They say time heals all wounds but I have come to realise that this isn’t true. Time will instead teach me how to live with the pain that you are no longer beside me. I know I will never truly be OK again but live a new normal with the ever present pain of your absence.”

She spoke of Michael’s love for music and playing with his kids.

Jade continued: “I have so many precious memories from when we first met to your very last breath. Music was your life, you loved your old school hip hop to good old Oasis and even played a bit of Meatloaf every now and again.”

She added: “Me and the kids talk about you every day, we share memories, send prayers and kiss your photo goodnight every bedtime.

“Not a day goes by where my heart doesn’t ache with the love I have for you but just know we are not apart, for you are in my memories and in my broken heart.

“Michael my beloved husband, until we meet again, farewell my love.”

A fundraising page to support Jade and her family has already raised more than £33,000.